Neolith Tiny House Living

Luxury tiny house made with 100 percent natural materials starts cross-country tour in Chesterfield County

alejandro Press

A tiny house conjures thoughts of thrift, expediency and simple living, not necessarily luxury.

But a 500-square-house on display through Friday at a natural stone wholesale distributor in Chesterfield County is being touted as such.

This modern-style, rolling house is on two trailers attached in the center with a skylight. It is making its way to distributors across the country, with its first stop here at Marva Marble & Granite Inc.

Inside and out, the house was made with an unusual, all-natural surfacing material from Spain. Called Neolith, the material is used on interior and exterior walls, floors, counter tops and roof deck.

It is 100 percent recyclable, resin-free and composed of raw materials – clays, feldspar, silica and natural mineral oxides.

“Marva is not in the tiny house business,” said Tania Kalentzos, marketing director for Marva.

It is using the house to showcase the product and how it can be used for a sink, vanity, a kitchen island, a fireplace surround in addition to walls and flooring.

“The concept in doing the tiny house was to demonstrate all the applications,” Kalentzos said. “It took six months of research and three months to build.”

Nonetheless, if someone wanted to buy one, it would about $100,000, she said.

Neolith mimics the look of marble, wood, stone and steel. Finishes range from flat to satin and glossy. Walls in this tiny house were clad in an off-white, shimmering version, reflecting light and making the space appear bigger.

Source: Culpeper Star * Exponent