Family owned, Atlanta-based Bell Kitchen & Bath Studios have pushed the boundaries of form and function for more than 60 years. Known for expert design ranging from traditional to modern, each project is transformed with details that are built for life and luxury.

Michael Bell, owner of Bell Kitchen & Bath Studios, was intrigued by the idea of a tiny house. “We have seen and worked on many projects, but we have never worked on a tiny house or a kitchen quite this small,” said Bell. “We wanted to challenge ourselves and think outside the box to deliver full size kitchen amenities on a tiny scale. While I can’t say we have seen it all, we can confidently say, we can work on any size project.”

When designing a tiny house, each room needs to be multifunctional, and Mr. Bell knew material selection was just as important as the layout. The material had to be hardwearing and long lasting. The team has worked with Neolith in the past, and knew the characteristics of the material was perfect for the project.

“We take pride in every project that we work on and ensure the highest quality, productivity and value. In a tiny house our craftsmanship is on display even more so and every detail counts”.

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