Jeffrey Bruce Baker Designs is a full service architecture, interior design and furnishings firm that specializes in luxury residential, restaurant and hospitality projects.

Like many, the team at Jeffrey Bruce Baker Designs was intrigued by the idea and efficiency of the tiny house movement – focusing on the most essential needs of a space in order to live well. From an architectural perspective, the firm was particularly interested in the challenge of designing a well-planned small space with all of the same solutions that larger custom homes offer, including beautiful living areas, luxury, advanced organization and functionality.

When designing the tiny house, the team researched a series of studies exploring how small spaces can be arranged to maximize the living area. Form, function, proportion and material expression were paramount to this project. With this in mind, the designers wanted to think outside the (metal) box and create several types and scales of indoor and outdoor living spaces.

The resulting design is meant to show the scale and versatility of product applications, highlight revolutionary materials such as Neolith, and use an innovative approach to working with transportable forms.

“Tiny homes aren’t about being small, it’s about being more efficient, and for me not compromising, but understanding the essential needs in the space in order to live well.”

“I am a firm believer that you can have it all, just in moderation. In just 500 square feet, this tiny house project successfully showcases many of the amenities of a custom home.” Jeffrey Bruce Baker

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