For many years, the standard dream kitchen has been defined as an expansive showplace occupied by shiny professional sized appliances. However, with the emergence of the tiny home trend, the dream kitchen is being redefined.

Miele has partnered with Neolith’s Tiny House to demonstrate how the same luxury, quality and performance found in large family-style kitchens can be reflected in smaller appliances.

Miele’s collection of space-saving appliances have been seamlessly integrated into Neolith’s Tiny House.

The 24” combi-steam oven provides perfect cooking, roasting and baking results with unlimited combinations, while the 18” Dimension Slimline dishwasher can accommodate up to nine place settings. The 24” induction cooktop is compact yet versatile, offering cooking zones that can accommodate a wide variety of cookware. Miele’s 24” Wine Storage Unit will keep up to 102 bottles of vino in three separate cooling zones, ensuring each is kept at the perfect temperature.

Miele is excited to participate in Neolith’s Tiny House, finding that the luxury market is changing and the demand for high-end appliances in small spaces is on the rise in many regions of the U.S. With Miele, there is never a need to compromise quality for size.

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