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Neolith Tiny House | Miele

In a quest to get marketers thinking differently about how they present their companies at trade shows and other exhibitions, Atlanta-based firm Resende Design and Marketing (RDM) had a vision to create an unforgettable product experience. Together with the team at Stone Center & Neolith North America, RDM created the idea of a Neolith Tiny House. The Tiny House is a way to not only show the product’s versatility, but to also give customers a real-life understanding of how Neolith can be used anywhere.

“One of the motivations in creating the tiny house was to send a message to consumers and
companies that bigger is not always better.”

“It is not about having the biggest house in the neighborhood or the biggest booth and the best location at trade shows. It’s about creating an experience and connecting with consumers through something unique that people are actually excited to see.”
Claudia Resende, owner Resende Design and Marketing.

RDM’s goal was to thoughtfully design each room and each facet of the house with luxurious details. The process began with incorporating different designs and applications of Neolith
throughout the home – inside and out – and finishing it with high-end features and fixtures that complement the Neolith brand. The home was also designed in a minimalist style that incorporates up-and-coming trends & products in the U.S. market.

“Even though this is a ‘tiny house,’ it does not feel small in any way; we have 9-foot ceilings,
full-size appliances, 2 bathrooms, fireplace, a fully-equipped outdoor kitchen and much more…”

“We have not sacrificed anything that you would find in a full size home.”
Claudia Resende, owner Resende Design and Marketing.

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