When visiting the showroom at Stone Center, the leading distributor of exotic stone in Atlanta, Georgia, customers expect to find a variety of surfacing choices for kitchen, bathroom and living space applications. However, the Stone Center team sought to provide a new, unexpected shopping experience to attract visitors and show unique design capabilities. In order to do so, the team turned to a tiny house.

“We wanted to express our innovative spirit, and thought that building a tiny house using the materials we sell was a perfect way to do so; not to mention, it provides a fun way to shop,” said Renata Diniz, VP of Stone Center – “However, we are also familiar with the limitations of natural stone, from weight issues to the maintenance it requires, so we knew we needed an alternative for a tiny house on the move.”

Stone Center selected Neolith to outfit all of the surfacing areas of this 500 square-foot luxury custom tiny house. The sintered compact surfacing material is 100 percent natural and is a more durable, lighter weight alternative to granite or others stones, with limitless possibilities.

“We have worked with Neolith for several years and wanted to show customers the versatility of the product, so this was a perfect partnership,” said Diniz . “Now if a customer is unsure about using an alternative to natural stone in applications beyond countertops, they don’t just have to take our word for it, we can show them through the tiny house.”
As the luxury market evolves, Stone Center and Neolith are revolutionizing the way high-performance surfacing materials can be applied, no matter the size of the project.

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