Going hand-in-hand with the trend of outdoor living is the increased desire for outdoor eating spaces. But when it comes to going tiny, many people may believe they have to sacrifice stylish and functional outdoor dining spaces. In partnership with Wolf appliances, the team behind the Neolith Tiny House dispels that belief by creating a tiny house back patio to show the possibilities in tiny home dining, al fresco style.

Wolf has revolutionized the outdoor eating experience with its precise heat control on its outdoor grills.

No matter what is on the menu, the delicious possibilities are endless. The OG36 is a 36- inch outdoor barbeque grill complete with four individually contained burners for independent heat control, including a sear zone to seal in juices, and even a two-position rotisserie system for succulent chicken or pork. Late-night dinner? Halogen lights illuminate the grilling surface, and the signature red control knobs are LED lit for easy reading.

“We are excited about participating in this top-of-the-line tiny house to show that no matter the size of the space, Wolf has a high-performance outdoor grilling option that fits every lifestyle.”Rob Maxam, vice president, sales, Georgia Division, Sub-Zero Group South East

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