Today’s bathroom trends center on comfortable, relaxing retreats with spa-like amenities. While many may associate these features with large, spacious rooms, TOTO – the official plumbing product manufacturer of the Neolith Tiny House – is showing the world that going tiny doesn’t have to mean giving up luxury and comfort in bathroom design.

Touted for People First Innovation, TOTO has joined the movement to show that their design aesthetic and product development principles are a perfect fit for the tiny living philosophy. Aligning with the movement, TOTO focuses on efficiency, simplicity and of course, beauty. TOTO products and technologies give homeowners comfort, reliability and elegance in any sized space.

The Neolith Tiny House is complete with two bathrooms, the master and the guest. The master bath features the TOTO Neorest 550H toilet complete with a heated seat, built-in bidet system and choice of an efficient 1.0 or 0.8 gallon per flush. This is paired with an ultra-modern Kiwami Renesse lavatory faucet and a slim Villeroy & Boch washbasin and vanity, which is wall-mounted to save space. The shower includes an Upton rain showerhead and luxurious Gyrostream body sprays with rotating heads.
In the guest bath, there is the space saving TOTO Aquia Wall-Hung Toilet that takes up less floor space, gives the bathroom a more open feel, and is easier to clean. The Wall-Hung Lavatory and Kiwami Renesse faucet, shower, complete the guest bath for a sleek European feel.

“Neolith and TOTO are a great partnership because we share a similar philosophy when it comes to providing a beautiful product and doing so in a sustainable way.”

“While we’ve seen many tiny homes, this project was especially intriguing because of its unique approach to downsizing without giving up cutting-edge innovation and luxury design. I’m grateful to collaborate with a like-minded company such as Neolith to educate on living more responsibly and efficiently.” Emilee Chappell, Director of Marketing, TOTO USA.

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