Dedicated to quality and success, Williams Tile and Marble Co. was a perfect partner for the labor and installation of the Neolith Tiny House. In the industry for many years, Greg Sweetin, president and owner of Williams Tiles & Stone, was captivated by the tiny home movement, but had yet to get involved on a tiny house project.

When building a tiny house, Mr. Sweetin knew two things were imperative: the material had to be lightweight and had to be extremely durable. The team at Williams Tile and Marble Co.,has worked with Neolith in the past, and therefore signed on to the project without hesitation, knowing that the product would meet those requirements.

This project piqued our interest because we have never done anything like it before, and we thought it was just a great way to showcase products and a great point of information.”

“Everything came together so well on this project.”

“Getting involved in the Tiny House we were able to work with Neolith distributors, learn about all the different applications of the product while also showcasing our workmanship. We take pride in every project that we work on and ensure the highest quality, productivity and value.”Mr. Sweetin

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