Neolith About Us

Neolith Tiny House Concept

Neolith Tiny House on wheels is a fully functional rolling tiny house cladded fully with Neolith on the indoors and outdoors and composed of 2 separate units that complement each other. To render the idea more clear think of something similar to 2 20″ containers, each of them with wheels and a hitch so that they can travel with a trailer from one location to the other.

The Tiny House showcases all sort of different Neolith applications – flooring, interior and exterior cladding, countertops, kitchen islands, shower walls, vanities, fireplace… even an exterior bbq area!

The Neolith Tiny House is great because it takes less than a day to set up and it is like a pre-fabricated booth that can easily travel from one location to another without having to construct/and dismantle a real booth.

The idea of the Tiny House is that Distributors take advantage of it and use it as an already-made booth to promote Neolith in local trade shows and events for the A&D community.

As an industry pioneer – creating a never-before-seen surfacing material – Neolith by TheSize is no stranger to innovation. When embarking on an initiative to demonstrate the brand’s pioneering spirit and unique product applications, Neolith turned to the tiny home movement.

The tiny movement is a growing concept around the world; it is about living responsibly without sacrificing. The Neolith Tiny House demonstrates these ideals, which perfectly align with the Sintered Stone brand as a luxury, yet lightweight and sustainably manufactured product.

The Neolith Tiny House, designed as an experiential home, shows the possibilities of the surfacing material in a variety of applications, including the facade, wall cladding, flooring, countertops and roof deck in one tiny project.

When it comes to a tiny house, especially one that will travel cross-country, weight and durability are major factors. Neolith slabs are thin and therefore very light, will not fade or crack from constant UV exposure or temperature swings, and are virtually indestructible, ideal for a tiny house on the move.

Committed to the environment and sustainable practices, which go hand-in-hand with tiny living, Neolith is 100 percent recyclable, natural and resin-free composed of raw materials — clays, feldspar, silica and natural mineral oxides.

To complete the tiny house, Neolith collaborated with Stone Center, the leading distributor of natural stone in Georgia, and many other prominent brands, such as Miele, Sub-Zero Wolf, TOTO, and more (other partners).

As a leading global manufacturer of Sintered Stone, Neolith is pushing the boundaries of how people live for tomorrow.

The different applications of Neolith:

Facades: Iron Frost, Basalt Black, Textile White and Calacatta Gold.
Interior walls: Iron Frost
Interior flooring: Strata Argentum
Master bath: Calacatta Gold walls, shower pan basalt black
Guest bath: La Boheme walls, shower pan Barro
Kitchen countertop: Estatuario polished
Cabinet insert: Onyx polished

“In partnering with complementary brands in the luxury home industry, we are promoting the idea that sustainable living in a small space can easily be achieved without compromising on luxury.”

“The collaboration between all the brands and people associated with the Neolith Tiny House embodies our ongoing investment in innovative technology for sustainable solutions.”Mar Esteve, Marketing Manager, TheSize Surfaces